So I’ve been working all day long, since 9am. It’s now 11:22pm. Working on what? Finishing up the first draft of my new ebook! I’m so stoked right now because I know this thing is going to be helpful to SO many cartoonists and illustrators out there. It’s jam packed with so much solid information I’m almost afraid to put it out as a single ebook… almost! Seriously… this is going to rock. It’s not a product that’s right for everybody, it’s primarily targeted to cartoonists, illustrators and artists in general for them to take their game to the next level.

I’ll have more details next week. I’m awaiting some testimonials, doing some fine tuning and then it will be MAJOR launch time. I haven’t felt this stoked about a writing project since way back in 2005 when I wrote the “How to make money with your Webcomics” blog that was helping so many creators.

Big thanks to the THIRD TRIBE for inspiring me to do all of this. I couldn’t have done it without em!

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