This surprise ebook I’ve written has kinda taken over my life behind the scenes for the past week or so. Very busy! I sent out some test copies to colleagues in exchange for testimonials last Friday and quotes are starting to come in… here’s what people are saying so far about the contents…

“Interesting, impressive, intelligent, imaginative…it has made me rethink some of my ideas, and introduced me to a few new ones.” –Jim Rugg – Cartoonist and Illustrator of Street Angel (SLG Publishing), Afrodisiac (Adhouse Books), The PLAIN Janes (DC Comics) and more!

“I think this book is brilliant. It has everything an artist needs to start making decent money online immediately using just talent and a little bit of setup work. As a writer, I found most of the material was geared towards artists but there’s still valuable information for writers and publishers that can help drive revenue towards all sorts of projects.”
James Clark – Co-Creator and Author of 2010 Eisner Nominated Webcomic “The Guns of Shadow Valley

“DJ Coffman has always delivered, and this is no exception.  This book will pay for itself in a matter of hours–all you gotta do is follow any one of the fifteen ideas inside.”
Adam Black – artist of KISS 4k and creator of LOCUS

“Awesome.  I just read the eBook.  Awesome.  This is going to be SO helpful to so many people.”- James Nguyen, comic illustrator

“If anything, D.J. Coffman’s CASH FOR CARTOONISTS serves as a great kick in the pants for comic creators to finally stop planning and start doing. I know there are a number of pointers offered here that I will be utilizing for my upcoming web comics and more.”
-Dan Taylor – Publisher/Creator of Hero Happy Hour and more at

And more to come! It’s a really great feeling to have produced something that I know WILL be of great help to other cartoonists and illustrators in increasing their earnings with their art. I called it a “surprise ebook” because I wasn’t really planning on doing this right now, it was one of those projects in the back of my mind sitting on a dusty shelf that I would “get to someday”.

I was pushed by a couple factors to get this thing out as soon as possible…. #1 Being a member of Third Tribe (see ads for details) and #2 Knowing that times are pretty tough right now as it is, and hearing about a couple cartoonists I know losing their day jobs and they could really use the info in this ebook to pay some bills and start making it their full time job! More info on all of this coming very soon…

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