I wanted to post this as inspiration to all the younger guys or aspiring artists I know who think I’m great and that they stink. Here’s a look at the first comics I was putting together when I was age 14 or 15. Pretty bad, eh? I use to be embarrassed by these pages, but now I see they can be totally inspiring to others.

Check out Scorpion’s 8 pack and his double biceps! That guy didn’t even go to the gym!

His first issues were so EPIC, that it totally called for a RELAUNCH of the line…

See? I was relaunching #1’s way before DC Comics 52. Scorpion #1 probably even sold better than a few of those! Also… Scorpion now had a 12 pack and mega pecs….and for good measure and no apparent reason… a shotgun.

I drew 5 issues in this series of awfulness.”Lonewolf’s” big catch was that he had like three claw like fingers and a healing factor. Pretty original huh? He had a lobster claw for a hand??? hahahah. Also he had a fur scarf of some kind on his uniform and a little diamond communicator so he could talk to Scorpion. Oh, and his weapon was a crazy boomerang that would come back to him. Check out his headset as well! That was for his telemarketing job on the side.

The interior pages were even worse…

in 1992 it was apparent that Scorpion was so awesome that he needed a team to protect his alien weapon and two magic balls. OUCH…..this is really hurting to show off now, and I’m having second thoughts….

The girl in blue’s name was Katana. Because, well, she had a katana. Makes perfect sense. Once again, I was ahead of the curve, producing terribly stiff action comics with grimacing faces long before Extreme Studios and Image comics were doing it.

Regulators, mount up…

It was a big hit among my friends though who kept encouraging me. I wonder if they were secretly laughing at me??? REGULATORS??? Seriously? Hey, we didn’t have Xbox or internet in my day, so this is the result of creativity gone amuck in 1992.

Hope this inspires people who think they suck. You CAN get better, you just gotta draw draw draw draw draw.

Now cleanse your pallete of this badness by going and reading HERO BY NIGHT.


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