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“As a part-time cartoonist ready to take the next step in my career, the advice and coaching of DJ Coffman has been a real eye-opener. Some of his ideas are things I would never think and has made me realize that I could be doing so much more to grow my business. I can’t wait to try his methods out!”- Gavin Than of

” I’ve had the book for just over 5 minutes and I’ve already had two “Geez, why didn’t I think of that!” moments.” – Ben McCormick,

For years now this ebook had helped HUNDREDS of cartoonists earn more money with their work. I’ve decided to change the price to a “pay what you want” model for this product. I’m happy to share this knowledge to help other cartoonists, both aspiring and professionals who may be struggling. Pay a little, a lot, or even nothing at all, it’s up to you what you think it’s worth.


What’s inside?

This full edition ebook is JAM PACKED with not only the methods to the madness but also includes detailed marketing strategies and rapid fire formulas to kickstart your career. They are:

#1 Spot Illustration: How to draw less and earn more. Details high paying markets you may have never thought of.

#2 Digital Caricatures: Be careful with this one, you could easily be so buried in work that you won’t see daylight again. How to get started in just minutes using proven strategies.

#3 ACEO (Art Cards): You’ll learn how myself and others have earned over $1200 in art card commissions in one week and how you can do it too.

#4 T-Shirts: Learn how to create a profitable T-shirt business with practically ZERO overhead, including marketing strategies.

#5 WEBCOMICS: I’ll show you how I made over $6500+ in one month with my independent webcomic series, and strategies that will work for your webcomic projects.

#6 Niche Webcomics: Learn how to get paid BIG money to produce comics for businesses and other entities, and how to find clients for this service.

#7 Greeting Cards: You’ll discover a method for making serious coin with Greeting Card illustration and the strategies to earn more clients right away.

#8 Commissions & Freelance: I could have easily called this book “50 methods” with the amount of formulas and options I give here. In this section I cover a range of specialized topics and rapid fire formulas to increase your commission dollars and broaden your thinking to help break you out of your 9-5 mentality and become a successful commercial artist.

#9 ebooks: Get paid to illustrate ebooks. You’ll learn where to find these clients, and I’ll show you how to get started selling your own ebooks and digital content without middlemen taking a huge chunk of your change.

#10 Licensing Your Work: You’ll learn how to get paid multiple times for ONE illustration. Plus, learn how to monetize your older artwork and sketches.

#11 Art Prints: Learn how to make money with your art prints online and in person, along with a special case study of comic artist James Q. Nguyen who relies on these techniques and strategies.

#12 Original Art: Sell more of your original art and find the buyers who are actively looking for it.

#13 Think Local: In this chapter you’ll learn several ways to make more money with your cartooning in your own neck of the woods. Includes a case study and interview with cartoonist and publisher Randy Zimmerman of  Flint Michigan who says “if it can work in Flint, it can work anywhere”

#14 SEO Strategies: Learn how to increase your clients and bank account with special search engine optimization specifically for cartoonists and illustrators, AND how this method earned me a gig with HBO! If you’re not utilizing specialized SEO for your profession, you’re leaving big money on the table.

#15 Affiliate Secrets: shhhhh… it’s a secret! You’ll learn how to monetize your FREE content online, from blogs, webcomics to illustrated articles. Now, more than ever, it’s time to get MORE creative with your work and marketing strategies.


Who am I?

I’m D.J. Coffman. I’ve been drawing comics and cartooning professionally since 1997. My art teacher in high school once told my parents that I had “cartoon tunnel vision”…as if that were a bad thing! The truth is, I friggin love comics! My work has been published in newspapers and publications around the globe and seen on HBO, MTV, Vh1, Late Night With Conan Obrien and The Tonight Show. In 2006 I won the first annual Comic Book Challenge with my comic book project Hero By Night which is now in development as a live action TV show. Not too shabby for “cartoon tunnel vision.” I’ve always loved to share what I know with other creators and cartoonists. I have so many friends and colleagues who ask how I’ve made money or built a career around my artwork over the years.   Back in 2005 I wrote a popular blog series called “HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR WEBCOMICS”, which shared everything that was working for me at the time to help other creators earn more money too. I’ve heard from several cartoonists and illustrators over the past five years who’ve said those columns were real eye openers and inspired them to start making more money with their work online. It’s a such a great feeling knowing that something I put out there helped so many others.

Over the years, beyond drawing comics, I’ve found several OTHER METHODS to use my cartooning and illustration  skills to earn even MORE money, and I want to share them with you…

That’s what this ebook program is all about!

Who is this for?

I’m going to assume that many of you reading this already work digitally and have a good understanding of computers, software and the internet. I know that’s not the case for everyone. For the beginners out there who want to check out this ebook wondering about different ways to make money drawing online, you can use it as a road map of possibilities for your future career and get you started. If you’re JUST starting out and still fine tuning your art style and not confident enough with the work you’re producing or not so serious about making cartooning or illustration your profession this product isn’t really for you. This guide is written toward my colleagues in comics and illustration who may be scratching their heads wondering why they aren’t making enough money, or maybe you’re feeling frustrated and stuck in your own “tunnel vision” mode. Many of you have college art degrees that never taught you about creative marketing and the business side of your art, while others have been toiling away with their own comics online trying to make a few extra bucks or support your work…   Once you’ve read this ebook you’ll discover that you aren’t making money in one market or niche, but could be making a KILLING in another market –sometimes you’ll actually be producing less and making more. That can be a life changer for someone who has been grinding out deadlines and producing so much work and not really getting paid for their time or creative investment in their work.

The Starving Artist Myth – Why aren’t more cartoonists and illustrators making MORE money?

One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing cartoonists or illustrators who think it’s normal to believe that cartoonists and creative people aren’t meant to make any money with their work. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM with many cartoonists and illustrators is that they’ll pick the one market they feel most passionate about, they submit their work, it gets rejected one too many times, or maybe they’ve been doing an online feature for years that just isn’t taking off. They give up thinking they can’t find paying work…or just sit around HOPING success will find them…. that is a losing game.

Meanwhile, they could have been making thousands of dollars in their own backyard if they would have known how.

It’s my intention that the material in my ebook will set you on the right path and mindset  to making MUCH MORE money with your artwork. And why not? It’s one of the best jobs in the world.

Don’t just believe MY hype… check out what other professional cartoonists and creators are saying about my program:


“You can’t copy one-on-one coaching and advice! There were several obtuse questions I wasn’t getting answers for, either from online or other cartoonists, and D.J. gave me his advice as soon as I asked. I’ve even told him what I’m planning, and he gave me his input on how feasible it would be. When I get my own site running, I’ll be using some of what he told me.”- Mark Ashworth


I first saw D. J. Coffman’s work in the “Hero By Night” series, and hope someday I’m that good. When I saw an opportunity, not only to get some tips from him, but to actually ask him questions and get coached, the price was simply insignificant. I’ve spent more on a gadget that I used once and didn’t like, and didn’t care about. I’ve spent more on a single meal at a restaurant and found disappointing. I spent more on a movie ticket and snacks, when I could have stayed at home, watched pay-per-view, and made all the popcorn I could eat for a tenth of the price. This e-book alone is worth the pittance he’s asking, and with the coaching deal thrown in, if he even gives you ONE good idea, the thing has paid for itself. If he tells you something that makes your life easier, hey, that’s just plain GOLD. I’ve already used his advice and have already improved my stats! — Gwen Patton -Jenny Everywhere’s Infinite: Quark Time

“I’m a webcomic creator who has been making comics for three years but is still struggling to make an income from it. “CASH FOR CARTOONISTS” came at the perfect time when I was asking big questions about the future of my comic. The eBook is full of ideas on how to generate a large income from a wide variety of sources–some large, some small. D.J. Coffman gives practical advice for every revenue-generating suggestion in the book and real life examples of how it is proven to bring in the cash! Would highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about their comic but struggling to take it to the next level. I can’t wait to try some out of these ideas myself.” – Lora Innes. creator of “The Dreamer” IDW  publishing.

I’ve known D.J. Coffman online for years, and I’ve always thought of him as sort of a webcomic futurist. I first learned about print-on-demand from D.J., himself an early adopter. I learned how to monetize my webcomics from his blog’s “How to Make Money with Your Webcomics” series. Other cartoonists covered this material later on, but as far as I knew D.J. was there first. With all this in mind, I purchased D.J.’s new e-book, “Cash for Comics.” Normally, I’m too cost conscious to buy something like this, but I felt sure there would be ideas in here that would help me make more money. I was correct: spot illustrations had never crossed my mind, nor had greeting cards or licensing. I thought I knew about SEO and working with affiliate marketing, but here I discovered there are some useful elements of that I didn’t know. I’ll be honest, if you are a webcartoonist, and you want to make a go of it, then you can’t really put a price tag on this information. That’s not a silly platitude, either; D.J. lays out what you need to do, and then it’s up to you to implement it. Scott Story, Artist and Co-Writer of “Johnny Saturn

Get started TODAY earning more money with your art… 


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