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I’m the creator of Hero By Night which ran as both a webcomic and print comic from 2006-2008. Together with my team we made over 300 pages of comics during those years. (the equivalent of drawing 14 issues a year, wowza!) – Hero By Night was my love letter to old school comics. Fun and over the top. We had to end it when our publisher went belly up and took the rights to the project along with them where it’s still tied up. It was a lot of fun while it lasted!

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 6.03.33 PMI’m the classic, “I wanted to draw comics since I was five years old.” story. And that’s exactly what I’ve done since. I’ve gone from small press, hand stapled works, to self-publishing, to freelancing for other indy writers. I’ve worked on tons of webcomics in several different styles. In short, I have a passion for this stuff that just won’t quit.

My heroes are folks like Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Wally Wood, Steve Ditko, Will Eisner… you know, the original gangsters of comics. Not so much for their art styles (which were great), but mostly for their real world work ethic and drive. They got it done. They burned the midnight oil and helped to build wonderful modern legends. I look up to those guys and pride myself on my work ethic, turn around time and innovation with my craft.

This is how I work.

Desktop10:30:14My current work setup is a beefed up iMac, a Wacom Cintiq and Microsoft Surface and a variety of moleskines and bristol board. I prefer to draw all of my work digitally in Photoshop in one file.

For my own work (on projects like God Child for Caliber) I do pencils, inks, colors and lettering all on different layers and groups within Photoshop. This allows me to work with other team members easily and deliver my art in anyway the publisher may need. I count myself as lucky to have started drawing comics traditionally and I love working with new technology to expand the craft.

My strength lies in pencils/inks and overall visual storytelling. I’d rather leave coloring to the experts, but I do enjoy digital painting and designing custom brushes and techniques which I try out in my pinup works for fun.

Stuff I currently like.

I play ukulele for fun. My current favorite comic artist is Greg Capullo (he’s a mad man). I’m also a big fan of Darwyn Cooke’s work. Current favorite comic writers are Rick Remender (not only his Marvel stuff, but Deadly Class) and Mark Waid. I love my day job where I’m the head of a design team that gets to work internationally with big brands and personalities. I get to draw and design in a great variety of styles.

Put me to work. Contact by text/call 724-289-0520 or

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