Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.41.17 PMLong time, no blog! I’ve been very busy working on our book (God Child) for Caliber Comics and getting that ready to rock. Almost done! In whatever free time I’ve had, I’ve tried sprucing up my site and doing some much needed spring cleaning. All of the old blog is still here, but I’m starting  new category (DJC) for my new endeavors in comics and talking about the craft of creating and sharing some tips and tricks as I go. I’ve also been booking some regional comic shows.

I’ll be hitting the road a bunch of weekends doing regional comic shows and drawing live. Sounds odd, but I’ve never really drawn live at shows before and I’m having a blast doing live commissions. I’m honored to be a featured guest at the new WizardWorld Pittsburgh Comicon this September! I have a complete list of upcoming conventions on my facebook events page.

Lately I’ve been working up some new samples and sending to Marvel, who have been doing some really fun things in comics with the new Secret Wars mash ups and Battleworld in general. Anyone see the Captain America riding Devil Dinosaur?! FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! I feel like a kid again checking the comics out each week and just keeping up on what’s going on.  Or at least TRYING to keep up on what’s going on. Tried to explain to a co-worker what’s going on with DC Convergence and Marvel Secret Wars and I think they were confused– I ended that conversation by promising that comics were fun and left it at that. I miss working in that genre (heroes, etc) – Man, wouldn’t it be awesome to work on an ongoing Marvel webcomic? Years ago Jason Embury and I pitched a Action Webcomics thing to Zuda/DC but it was way too soon for digital then…. A boy can dream!

This weekend I’m super excited to be traveling with writer Ally Monroe to NYC, (one of our favorite cities!), to visit to check out the Special Edition NYC comic show. We were surprised to see so many of our favorite creators will be there, Jason Latour, David Mack, Brian Bendis, Ryan Ottley, Stacey Lee…. and gosh, so many others. Just go see the guest list! – There’s a good chance I’ll be instagraming or tweeting the trip if you want to cyber stalk us.


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