Long time, no speak, personal website. I’m sorry but social media has pulled me away from here. BUT, here’s a quick update…. Today marks the publishing of the new Pittsburgh Current Newspaper (Alt Weekly/Monthly) I was honored to be asked to draw the first cover for it. And since they linked my old url inside I figured I better put a welcome note here on the dusty old WordPress blog. 🙂

If you want to follow my work in real time, Instagram is probably best. http://instagram.com/djcoffman or feel free to reach out on Facebook.

I’m currently working full time and promoting SPREADSHOP, which is a really awesome way for anyone to sell custom merchandise, and it’s free! Reserve your name and start yours today! I really enjoy my “day job” because I know all the work we do here supports creators like me, entrepreneurs and side hustlers.

If you’re looking for new comics by me…. I have something in the works I’ll post about soon. (follow the instagram!) And I’ve been slowly working on the Captain Freedom project which is taking a lot of time since I’m the only one on all the art duties (pencils, inks, colors) – Captain Freedom will probably be my last “traditional” print comic book.

Please follow me on instagram or twitter @djcoffman to get all the up to the minute news on my work, or basically stalk my life if you want. 🙂

Be excellent to each other!

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