bck3So, I’m creating a new small product to launch of Gumroad as part of their #SmallProductLab Challenge. It will be a “Digital Comics Drawing Toolkit for Photoshop” which will include my 11×17 master template a bunch of other stuff. That’s launching June 24th.

It occurred to me that I talk with many creators who believe Photoshop still costs $600+ to get started. Or they illegally pirate the software and run the risk of jail and fines. UGH! Don’t do that.

How I use Adobe Creative Cloud for making my comics & more

Hey everyone! So I’m working on my new toolkit for Photoshop (June 24th!) and I was thinking about the people who may not have Photoshop or think it’s unattainably expensive. It certainly used to be. Now they have “Creative Cloud” and offer individual or the entire suite for a monthly fee, as low as 9.99 to start for Photoshop.

Now, this is NOT a paid endorsement of any kind for Adobe. I just talk to so many artists who still believe they have to spend hundreds of dollars or illegally pirate old versions (not a good idea!!!) When you can have all the new hotness for a a small monthly fee. I wanted to share the link with the pricing plans for you: https://creative.adobe.com/plans

The thing I personally love most about Adobe’s Creative Cloud is the great file syncing and libraries. So say I’m drawing a page here on the iMac, and I save it, it syncs to the cloud and then POOF! Automagically it’s over on the SurfacePro or my other computer if I want to work on something there. Also the libraries sync as well. So If I use Adobe Shape on my phone, it will create vectors and pop them into my library in all Adobe programs. That’s rad.

Are you worried you know nothing (Jon Snow) about Photoshop or Illustrator? Don’t. There are TONS of free resources and video tutorials on Adobe’s site. In fact, I’ve been wanting to teach myself Adobe Muse. It’s a drag and drop website maker, no code required! (Supposedly!)

That’s enough from me today! I need to get to work on some art and my toolkit. If you have any questions about Creative Cloud or how I use it, feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you! – DJC

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