Somehow when I was upgrading to the new wordpress and tinkering around installing “multisite” I mucked up my old blog. As I’m currently very busy, I lack the time to correct this in a timely manner so I decided maybe it was time for a fresh start!

I’m a little peeved because I know there are multiple posts many creators refer to that help them out, like “How to host your own Webcomic” – I will do my best to get all that info back up here as quickly as possible.

IN the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to that’s keeping me so busy…

1. I’m working on a BIG “secret” graphic novel. More on that later. I’m thinking a fall launch for that or Thanksgiving would be appropriate.

2. I’m doing spot illustrations and commissions for random new clients. If you’re interested in rates, email  – If you’re looking for samples of my work, click here for now. There’s TONS of stuff out there in various styles that I’ve done over the years.

3. I think the deal is close enough to being a DONE DEAL that I’m allowed to say that I’m developing a BRAND NEW comic strip in partnership with a major Ukulele manufacturer that will feature some old characters from Yirmumah. If you know Yirmumah, you could probably guess who…. okay, if you don’t want to guess,  It’s Bigfoot and Tiki.

4. I’m still doing web consulting work (hosting, designing, consulting, social media management) for friends and colleagues as much as humanly possible… and sometimes super humanly possible. 🙂 I only do this type of work via word of mouth though for organizations and I’m currently pretty booked up on that side of life. I’m kinda like the A-TEAM of coming in and getting the job done. Except I lack a Mr. T in my life.

As you can see from this first post on the new blog, I’m pretty friggin busy at the moment, but I can’t complain! Life is pretty awesome and rad.

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