I’m finally getting some time to work on the DJCoffman.com website and this here blog. As my previous post on the blog stated, during a WordPress upgrade I somehow toasted my old database and entries. It can really suck when you have to start all over again, but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

I’ve been working on various projects non-stop lately. Primarily The Bigfoot and Tiki Show, which stars some old characters from my other comics. I’m working in partnership with Lanikai Ukulele to produce the strip and promote uke culture and of course, their awesome ukuleles! For our launch we’re doing a special promotion giving away a Lanikai Banjolele to one lucky newsletter subscriber at the end of August. Pretty cool, eh? If you’re interested in joining the comic’s newsletter, you can do so at http://bigfootandtiki.com

It was pretty humbling to hear from some folks in the ukulele community who said my old Bigfoot “UKE CLUB” comic actually helped them learn to play ukulele, and now those folks have recordings and gigs of their own. It’s always cool to hear when your work inspires or makes a difference in the lives of others. So cool!

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