My son is having dental surgery today to repair his “tongue tie”, wishing him luck! My wife is pretty worried that they have to put him out for the job, but I think he’ll be a-okay. I read online that the tongue tied condition affects your appetite which probably explains why he eats like a bird. I look to be eaten out of house and home by the fall.

Late start today, my sleep was sketchy thanks to the healing tattoo on my inner forearm. For those who don’t know, it basically feels like a nasty sunburn. What tattoo you ask? This one…

It’s going to be a complete sleeve featuring “Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work“- I’m a big Wally Wood fan. It’s basically a cheat sheet for comic artists to that’s been passed around behind the scenes (before the internetz)- I think of it as more of a reminder from Wally to keep the panels interesting when it’s just talking heads. It’s also a pretty personal reminder to me on a whole other subject. Also of note, when I heard of Larry Hama’s involvement, it was almost a must have tattoo project for me. All of the tattoo work is being done by Nick Christofano of Unique Ink in Greensburg, PA. – I’m lucky to have Nick and his crew being some of the most talented tattoo artists on the east coast right in my backyard. The project is going to take a couple months to complete and will fill my entire arm all the way to the shoulder. I’ll post photos here on the blog as it progresses.

Funny, I use to be the guy who said I’d never get tattooed.

What I’m working on today:

A new Bigfoot and Tiki installment , some concept sketches and some web work. Ready, set, go!

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