My wife's game face...

Well, of course with the help of Steel City Derby Demons B-Unit! After some delay, she returned home with a Cheesehead in tow as a victory trophy. Kinda like the Predator does?

Trying to get back up to speed. Need to recap the weekend events. I think the summer is dragging on me. Being a father of three, with the kids off school all summer, added in that I work at home, and sometimes it’s very hard to get into a good groove or workflow, let alone blog daily. They go back to school on August 30th…wee!

SLACKER WEEKEND: This past weekend was a big change of pace for me, I’m kind of a workaholic and I’m not use to just sitting and entertaining .  My wife was in Milwaukee on a roller derby adventure and I stayed home this time to hold down the fort and make sure it didn’t become like Lord of the Flies up in here. It was nice spending quality time with my boys, mostly getting beat severely in Madden 11 by my 12 year old son.

STUCK IN DETROIT: My wife ended up getting stranded in Detroit when her awaiting early morning flight to Pittsburgh was canceled. Delta airlines tried to tell her she was pretty much stuck and would have to spend the entire day and night there. She was exhausted from all the activity and sounded like she was giving

up. She doesn’t like flying as it is, so this was really putting a damper on her wanting to fly ever again. On a whim, I decided to check Delta’s website and found that there were other flights to Pittsburgh that evening with open seats. By law, if you’re a standby passenger because of your flight being cancelled, and they have open seats on other flights, they must give them to you. But alas, the attendant kept telling her there was nothing….. so I sent screenshots of the open seats on another flight. A few minutes later they were apologizing and the three derby gals were flying home in first class. I scored major brownie points. Needless to say, I don’t think my wife will ever be flying Delta airlines again.

My wife knocking Jammers out. Don't let her smile fool you, she's a mean one!

Chillaxing: The last day and a half has been kinda chill. I have multiple things for work going on, but I’m not stressing myself out, I’m just going with the flow! I feel lazy for oversleeping, but I know that school is coming soon so it’ll be back to the 6am grind for me in a couple weeks.


The Ninja Turtles would love my house right now. On Sunday I didn’t feel like cooking so I ordered up a 24 cut pizza for the kids and I, to which we still had leftovers yesterday in the fridge. Cut to my father in law calling saying he’s on his way with a 50 cut pizza leftover from a meeting at work… 50… friggin… cut. The size of the box was so huge you have to turn it sideways to get it through doors. It takes up an entire kitchen table. This is a completely ridiculous amount of pizza for us to have.

Back to the drawing board!

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