One of the biggest things I’ve learned to do over the past year is to take criticism, even the harsh kind, and transmute it into constructive criticism to make a product or service even better.  It’s been the less than a week since I pulled the trigger and launched my ebook/coaching program “Cash for Cartoonists” – The feedback, especially from those who have bought the full edition has been GREAT.

YES, I know the name sounds a little funny… CASH FOR CARTOONISTS! But it gets people’s attention and that was the whole point… primarily cartoonists! Yeah, I know it might sound like a Billy Mays infomercial product, but if you’re reading it and think it’s absurd, it did get your attention, and you’ll soon learn that it’s not absurd at all. Shoot, even some artists I know of who said in one breathe they wouldn’t pay for it because it wasn’t worth it to them, in the next breathe said that the sales page alone gave them ideas they should be thinking about to make more money. You’re welcome! (hope they download the free preview) Of course, the ebook DOES contain specific case studies, marketing strategies and formulas that make those listed methods EVEN BETTER and a little easier to understand how to make MORE money with them.

Cartoonists, artists, creators that  think they have it all figured out and you’re comfortable on your path and making enough money with your art… AWESOME! I’m happy for you. This wasn’t written for you at all.

The proof is in the pudding. You can already see what other professionals have said in the testimonials, and there will be more to come. That shows that even professional comic illustrators and designers like my friend Jim Rugg who was totally fine on his own without this ebook actually sees different ways he could be earning more money with his art that wasn’t really ever on his mind until reading the material. That’s been sort of the average response when pros read through the ebook.

It’s not a “how to make” guide for the craft of comics or “how to draw better”. You’ll find plenty of that stuff elsewhere. Comic artist Tim Demeter said it best:

Once you have read a few of the thousands of cartooning how-to books out there and realize none of them offer much in the way of practical advice it’s time to graduate to Cash for Cartoonists. Aimed squarely at those looking to leave their day job behind, Coffman addresses the real world of freelance illustration. These are not loose guidelines to “make your cartooning dreams come true.” These are proven ways to make money in the profession of commercial art.

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