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Cash For Cartoonists: 15 Methods To Make More Money With Your Comics and Illustrations Online
Written by D.J. Coffman
Reviewed by Jeff Marsick

If you’re an illustrator, chances are pretty good you’ve got aspirations to get your own book published, land a gig with one of the Big Two, or maybe get a cartoon made.  Most importantly, though, is you want to earn a living doing what you enjoy and what you’re good at.  Sure, filling a folio full of Batman sketches that you show to your friends is fine, but wouldn’t it be great if you could make a few ducats for your time and effort?

Well, D.J. Coffman’s got an eBook that will show you how.  If you’re not familiar with him, Mr. Coffman is a cartoonist best known for Hero By Night, which was the winner of Platinum Studios’s inaugural Comic Book Challenge. He’s got Dark Horse credits, webcomics, even artwork that has appeared on the HBO show True Blood (a piece entitled “Barack Obama Vampire Slayer”), just to name a few.  The guy’s been around the block a few times and rather successfully, it seems. His eBook, Cash For Cartoonists, is a list of fifteen proven methods for an illustrator to make, if not a living, then at least a comfortable sideline.

This isn’t a get-rich scheme. The methods may be proven, but they don’t come with guarantees. Nor is this a feeder scheme for a bigger system that Mr. Coffman may be hawking on his website (which he’s not). This is just straight talk from someone who knows the different avenues of profiting from illustrating and how to walk them. He knows where the land mines are, has the scars to prove it, and can show you how to avoid them. Spot illustration, webcomics, cards, t-shirts, commissions, prints, they’re all covered, and more.

You’re thinking: So what? Duh. Common sense stuff there: Draw stuff, then sell it. Maybe so (even though I’ll bet you never thought about greeting cards, didja?). But the eBook doesn’t just say “do this”. It goes further to tell you who your target market is in each of the endeavors and how to market yourself to them, what you should charge, what tools you’ll need, how to possibly turn it into your own company, and anecdotes from Mr. Coffman’s experience.  The marketing information alone is gold (heck, I’m a writer and I’ll be downloading it just for this skinny).  Even better is the chapter on Search Engine Optimization, and he takes you step-by-step how to do it.

But that’s not all. Buy the eBook and for 30 days after purchase you get one-on-one personalized coaching from the author himself. For free. And get on his newsletter for updated tips and ideas. For free. Seriously, there’s so much information available that I almost want to try and become an illustrator myself. The eBook is sold on his website ( and until September 30th goes for $47. After that the price bumps up to $97. Either way, the price is highway robbery propagated by the author upon himself since this information would cost you two or three times as much at a seminar. With free coaching t’boot.

It’s not for beginners, though. If you’re a newbie still struggling with stick figures, you’re better off with the day job for now. If you’ve got some talent, though, why not learn how to make money flexing your muscles? And if you already are doing commissions or selling cards on eBay, then this book is still a must-read since it will show you how to more efficiently and effectively expand your reach and gain more clients. More clients equals more cash in the piggy bank. More clients also means more exposure, and more exposure means a greater probability of you being noticed by someone who maybe can offer you a gig at the Big Two or who wants you to create a webcomic for them. Sure beats humping a folio full of Batman sketches to a convention hoping that you’ll be discovered at the talent search.

Learn more about it now on the Cash for Cartoonists info page.

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