What a crazy busy week last week! Yowza. Here’s what’s been on my plate:

– Ebook madness! The response to the Cash for Cartoonists ebook and coaching package has been great. I’ve been working like a mad man to keep up, but it’s a lot of fun to inspire others and get them going in making more money with their art. No better feeling for an artist than to support himself doing what he loves!

-Bigfoot and Tiki Webcomic – Been trucking along with the Bigfoot and tiki webcomic in partnership with Lanikai Ukuleles. It updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s more of an “all ages” type comic with quarky sitcom like humor. And of course there are a lot of ukuleles in it.

– Graphics and Web Clients – I’m still doing a lot of graphics and web work for many clients. It’s funny because it seems like when one person needs something, 10 other clients need things all at the same time. I think I’m going to start weening myself away from that side of freelance because… well, frankly there’s very little money in it and I can make more doing illustration and comics. I still love helping as many friends as I can, but I’ve gotten to the point where I need to start taking that side a little more seriously business wise.

A HERO returns? – On my twitter I mentioned I thought I was ready to bring back Hero By Night. One of things that have irked me the most over the years is the misconception that I CAN’T continue my series if I wanted to. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not allowed to talk about the specifics of my dealings (it’s gotten me in trouble before)– but what I will say is that I’ve missed drawing and writing that stuff terribly. Every time my kids or their friends ask about new stories or what’s up, it saddens me a little and I get bummed out. HBN ending like it did felt like a sudden death in the family or tragedy – Definitely a dream that died too soon. It’s taken me a couple years to get over the hard feelings I had toward the whole situation and get back to the idea of just having FUN with the concept again and ignoring all that other stuff. Basically… Shit happens.

And just because I said I’m READY, doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen ASAP. There’s a lot of planning going on behind the scenes. Everyone is busy. The biggest hurdle is that… well, it would have to be a fan supported effort. We wouldn’t be getting paid from a publisher like we were before. That doesn’t mean we have to make thousands from it, but we won’t be giving it away for free…. although there will be plenty of free to wet the appetite. The bottom line for me is… I miss drawing those types of comics. Maybe I’ll just use it as a springboard to go work for Marvel and DC finally and play with other people’s icons.

Just want to say thanks to all the great FANS and friends out there. Learning that HBN has inspired others and they miss it too… and that it’s even inspired a REAL LIFE HERO… that is what is truly bringing HBN back… the love from the fans.

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