I’ve decided to start organizing some of the testimonials from buyers of the Cash for Cartoonists ebook+coaching product. This one comes in from comic creator Scott Story who has been around the webcomic and independent comics scene for years.

I’ve known D.J. Coffman online for years, and I’ve always thought of him as sort of a webcomic futurist. I first learned about print-on-demand from D.J., himself an early adopter. I learned how to monetize my webcomics from his blog’s “How to Make Money with Your Webcomics” series. Other cartoonists covered this material later on, but as far as I knew D.J. was there first.

With all this in mind, I purchased D.J.’s new e-book, “Cash for Comics.” Normally, I’m too cost conscious to buy something like this, but I felt sure there would be ideas in here that would help me make more money. I was correct: spot illustrations had never crossed my mind, nor had greeting cards or licensing. I thought I knew about SEO and working with affiliate marketing, but here I discovered there are some useful elements of that I didn’t know.

I’ll be honest, if you are a webcartoonist, and you want to make a go of it, then you can’t really put a price tag on this information. That’s not a silly platitude, either; D.J. lays out what you need to do, and then it’s up to you to implement it.

Scott Story, Artist and Co-Writer of “Johnny Saturn” (http://johnnysaturn.com/)

During the month of September, the CASH FOR CARTOONISTS program is available for $47 and includes the ebook and unlimited coaching and consulting. Check out the detailed information and a free preview here.

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