An update from the home office….

Today is the last day for the special price on my “Cash For Cartoonists” ebook/coaching package. Details over here.

This past month it’s been really great working one-on-one with other cartoonists and illustrators teaching them how to earn more money with their creativity. I can’t make them do the work though, but it feels great to know that I’ve inspired and enlightened quite a few minds. The price for the unlimited coaching package is going up on Friday, thanks to everyone who took advantage of this.

Work wise

I’ve been keeping very busy. The big Bring it On Bowling Ball is coming up on October 23rd featuring Flobots, Rise Against and a host of celebrity types. Pretty much I’m doing everything on the design and function side, from websites to online graphics, print materials… it’s a ton of work, but it’s worth it for a really worthy cause. Check out for more details, tickets, etc. (maybe even sponsor and play on a team!?)

On the comic drawing front…

Beyond drawing Bigfoot and Tiki every Tues+Thurs, I’m also doing some private commissions and working on a new special mini-comic that I’ll be launching at PIX (Pittsburgh Independent Expo) on October 16th. I haven’t done a good ol’ fashion mini comic for a long time. Maybe 7 years? Yeesh! More on that as it develops…

Also we’re planning the Hero By Night stuff… I have a couple loose update schedules and plans the creative team has to commit to or agree on, and working out the nuts and bolts of where to start off with that. It’s fun thinking about those characters again. I’ve had this big urge to draw superheroes again, to the point where I might even make a push to go work with the big boys. We’ll see.

On the homefront…

This morning I read my oldest son’s (13) first story. He had to write it for an assignment at school. It was bittersweet for me because only a couple months ago he was complaining that he wasn’t “creative” or couldn’t write things. Over the summer I toyed with the idea of getting him into RPGs or something to spark the imagination side. I know when I was 13 I was just chock full of crazy stories and escapism. Thinking back, I kinda NEEDED it. So in a weird sense, I’m glad he doesn’t. But it still saddens me to hear any kid (especially my son) say they aren’t creative. His story was only a few paragraphs having to do with the “HALO” video game world–it was written really well, well enough that I asked if he thought it all up himself or if he had copied it from the game story.

He’s also been loving the Left 4 Dead webcomic. It’s fun watching what inspires kids these days that stem from video game culture… back when I was that age it was action figures and comic books doing that…. now it’s video games driving the storytelling in our culture. Kinda cool. The Left 4 Dead webcomic is the perfect example of a big brand using webcomics as a vehicle to expand and add value to their fans. Expect to see more of that in the future… the commercialization of webcomics has really just begun.

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