GOOD NEWS! After a month of many conversations, one-on-one coaching and consulting with other cartoonists and illustrators, I’ve decided NOT to to increase the price for Cash For Cartoonists Coaching program. For the foreseeable future I’m keeping the unlimited coaching + ebook at only $47 bucks.


Originally the plan was to raise the price to cover the time and scaling costs involved with doing one-on-one critiques, coaching and consultation, but honestly, I’ve now corresponded with over 150 individual creators and the process isn’t as time consuming as I originally had thought! In fact I’m finding it a greatly rewarding personal experience. To that end, I want to be able to help as many cartoonists and illustrators as possible without a price barrier or monthly or annual fees.  Why not just keep it as simple as possible. One price… you get the unlimited coaching+ebook. It worked GREAT for the first month, so why mess with a good thing?

I’ve also had conversations with a ton of artists and cartoonists who REALLY want to try this program but didn’t have the money that month to snag it. My whole purpose for doing this is to help other cartoonists and illustrators earn more money with their work… so charging them even MORE because they couldn’t make the deadline didn’t make much sense with my overall purpose.

This is coaching

More than just an ebook, this is coaching. Originally I was just  marketing the ebook along with the coaching as a bonus…. but over the past month this project has really morphed into the coaching being the main product and the ebook is more of the supplemental bonus. I really love working one-on-one with other creators and helping them get their own fires going. I also didn’t think I’d be fielding so many “non-money making”  topics, but I have no problem offering creative consulting or critiques. Really having an all-inclusive package just makes the most sense.


A very special thanks to all of the cartoonists and illustrators who have tried this program and are thrilled with the value inside the ebook or with my one-on-one coaching or consulting. The proof really is in the pudding! I’m really inspired by some of the personal stories you’ve been sharing and new friendships I’ve made over the past month.

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