It must be that time of year… can’t stop thinking about zombies. Especially around the Pittsburgh area where the whole undead culture was born.

In planning projects for 2011, Zombieopolis came back up. It was a comic self published back in 1999 after it was originally picked up and solicited through Diamond by Arrow Comics just as Arrow was dying. :(  It wasn’t your typical zombie apocalypse story, as any old fan would tell you — it was more of an ode to B-Horror Movies I grew up with. We really had a much different spin on the genre that just won’t go away in our minds.  In 2003 it had a brief run on the old MoviePoopshoot site until it died off again. About once a year (usually this time of year) we talk about bringing it back. We’re “fleshing” some things out now.

Also, my oldest son LOVES zombie stuff now. He use to be afraid when he was younger, but now at age 13 he loves games like Left 4 Dead, etc. On Halloween we’re excited to stay up and watch Walking Dead together. I guess that makes me a bad parent in some eyes… but HAH! By the time I was 13 I had seen EVERY horror movie on the shelf at the video store. Remember back in the olden days when they had video stores?

But yes… it’s that season here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Everything starts to die, and it’s really a beautiful site to behold. From the zombie walk downtown, to an ocean of dead leaves changing colors out on the rolling hills of the Appalachians.

This IS Zombieopolis.

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