It’s been awhile since I talked about my Cash For Cartoonists ebook/coaching. I kinda fell out of promotion mode and just enjoyed spending the coaching time with actual buyers. Between that and juggling my other freelance projects it doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of time for blogging!

I gotta say it has been a really refreshing and positive experience helping other creators get on the right track. I’m really glad I kept the price at around 40 bucks instead of raising it. I have other people who tell me I should be charging a lot more for my time on the coaching side– If I were doing this as a full time business, maybe… but really this is just a great way to share the things I know and get paid a little entrance fee for access to knowledge or contacts I’ve accumulated being a full time illustrator for the past 13 years.

For those who have asked for a “cheaper” version, I’m still considering a different version of this without coaching and a few advanced things taken out. BUT… Don’t hold your breath. For the foreseeable future, I’m just going to keep offering the $47 version with unlimited coaching which I think is the best deal. Not to mention the best use of my time right now.

I just want to say again BIG thanks to all of my clients. In talking so much to you, it’s actually inspired me to start a new project I’ll hopefully be launching in January… and if you’re on the AWESOME list I’ll be sharing the behind the scenes process of how I’m running things, numbers, stats… it’s going to be a fun experiment to show you what works and what doesn’t work.

You can learn more about Cash 4 Cartoonists and read testimonials from satisfied clients over here.

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