The Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work tattoo sleeve is pretty much done. One more sitting to do clean up and extra shading. Here’s a look above. I will post “professional” quality pics when we take them in a month or so from the tattoo shop.

It really turned out nice… although the “ALL BLACK” panel is on the underside of my arm and that hurt a good deal and took longer to heal. Everything else kinda tickled.

If you know me, you know I’m a fan of old school honor in your craft. It doesn’t exist much in my industry anymore (comics)

Speaking of honor and ethics in your craft…. I’ve got mad respect for the tattoo artists at Unique Ink in Greensburg, PA. Nick Christofano and the crew (Dan, Johnny, Brian)  do an amazing job and have one of the most professional shops around…. maybe on the entire east coast. It’s rare to come across guys who “get it.” when I talk about the old school work ethic mentality in your craft, whether it’s tattoos or comic books. I also love the idea that you can actually MAKE everything you’re working with tool wise. As it turns out, the tattoo industry has a lot in common with the comic industry in a lot of ways. Especially being expoited and a lot of people who have no business in the craft opening up shops and giving people terrible tattoos. It’s a crime.

Sometimes I get the urge to go learn that trade the proper way, but alas, it’s hard as hell to find shops that would take on an apprentice or get shop experience. And I think I’d be pretty picky of who I’d want to learn from too, not just some willy-nilly scratcher shop.  It would be fun to specialize in comic style tattooing. For now I’ll just continue admiring and respecting their craft.

In a weird way, this whole experience has made me remember the stuff I love most about comics and why I want to do this until I die. Can’t really be put into words.

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