I want to blog more, I really do… it’s just that I find myself spending more time on actual production of things behind the scenes. Ironic that I find myself blogging LESS when I take the advice of other productive minds that I follow.

Actually, I’m writing now more than ever… it’s just in private emails with my coaching clients. What I’d REALLY love to do is publish some sort of “back and forth” document with some of the conversations I’ve been having that I think would benefit a lot of other cartoonists out there. Tons of great ideas are born from these coaching conversations, and they’re not “exclusive” – Alas, I could only do something like that with the complete permission of my clients, and I understand that some of the markets and business ideas they are working with  they don’t want broadcast out fearing they’ll have more competition in their niche or targeted market. Many of the ideas I feel though that there is PLENTY of room to keep things hyper local and you’d never really encounter someone stealing away your gigs. It’s understandable to want to keep these ideas under our hats though. I’m just feeling really excited about the conversations going on.

There’s something nicer about one-on-one conversations to me. You learn that there are MANY different circumstances and paths and definitions of “success.” And that, in and of itself has been very enlightening.

Anyways, back to the idea of blogging regularly… I still WANT to do it, I just need to properly schedule it in and make time for it.

Sickly New Year

Over in my private life I’ve had an annoying sinus infection since New Years eve. It’s finally letting up a bit and allowing me to think more clearly and get more work done. The first few days of this year I had just given up and decided to rest.

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