I’ve failed again at blogging regularly here. Hah! Truth is I’ve been doing a lot more OFFLINE things in my spare time. Enjoying real life just a little bit more. I hope you are too.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’m up to.

WORK: I’m currently working on the following things…

  • YIRMUMAH once a week over on keenspot (big 9 panel things)
  • BIGFOOT and TIKI which may be expanding soon.
  • GRAPHIC NOVEL – Dusting this off again after reading the first 28 pages and realizing it’s good stuff and should be seen.
  • CREATIVE COACHING – I’ve been steadily helping other creative types achieve their goals or take big steps toward them. It’s a great feeling to help other creatives earn more money with their work.


You know, I won’t go into specifics, but I’m aware of a few friends and loved ones who’s dreams or fun life are pretty much being crapped on by their so-called friends and loved ones. If you can relate to this, my word of advice to you is to just keep doing your thing. Life is short… too short to not do what you want or what you love to do. Screw everyone elses fears and doubts. Don’t do it to gain favor of someone else… do it for yourself. Be selfish. DO YOUR THING. Today.

Annnnnnd I’m out!

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