This was finished late last year, I’m a little late in getting the full pics, but here’s the jist of it, I guarantee you every panel of the “22” are on there in painstaking detail 🙂 (Thanks to Nick Christofano of Unique Ink Tattoo in Greensburg. The guys there do amazing work.) :

About WALLY WOOD… if you think you’re a comic fan or keen on history and have never heard of him, #1 you should be ashamed of yourself. #2 You should go learn now.

I wanted this tattoo as a reminder of how fleeting and unforgiving a creative life path can be. How easily you can be forgotten or worse, forget yourself. Also a strong reminder to not end my life story the way he did his. Wally Wood was a guy who built SO much for others and wasn’t thanked nearly enough, in payment or words. So this is my big ass THANK YOU to him.

If you want to learn the history of the “22 Panels” go here.

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