Last week I received over 20 emails from creators on who were left in the dark when their comic sites crashed during an upgrade, and or complaining that the site is slow and poorly managed. I was asked for my thoughts on other free hosting and a few asked where that article was I wrote a few years back about “HOW TO HOST YOUR OWN WEBCOMIC” (which had gotten obliterated when I broke my old blog)-

Now, I’m not saying collectives or group hosting is a BAD thing. There are several options out there. But the basic truth is, if you want more control over your comic AND you want the security of knowing you’re not going to wake up to your archives being gone, then you want to learn about hosting your own comic. I also feel a tad responsible as I encouraged a lot of comic creators to utilize DrunkDuck a few years ago and they were worried this would happen, so I guess this is why they’re coming to me now that things were a little bone up and some saying “I told you so”. It happens. It can happen. If you choose to stay on free hosts, you should ALWAYS have a big backup of your comic archive (at least!) and an alternative spot where your readers can go if there’s a problem with the main site. Even a facebook page would suffice.

I’ve rewritten the old HOW TO article along with many more screenshots and actually went through a new install of a brand new comic. Read it here.

Good luck everyone!

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