People have PM’d me to ask how my workout/diet is going, so here’s an update… I’m down 12lbs since I started actively making better decisions.  I wasn’t able to stick to P90X religiously, mostly because some of the workouts are too long and my schedule and to-do list gets nuts. My workouts are minimal, but I mix Fit2Fat2Fit’s workouts with some of the 5Factor workouts and that seems to be doing okay.

I’ve cut out 99% of the crap from my diet and have been drinking green tea with a little sugar instead of coffee loaded with cream and sugar. I’ve been eating a TON of Spinach. I try to eat regular small meals throughout the weekdays but consider weekends to do whatever I want but I don’t go crazy. Example, over this past weekend I had pizza for the first time in a long time and indulged in some rum & coke/rootbeers I even had a few cookies and was sure I was going to wake up a fatass. Somehow I lost 3lbs over the weekend. I’m chalking that up to the ideas in Tim Ferris’s 4Hour body where he says a caloric spike is good on the weekends because it makes your body think “what the heck is this crap I’m not use to? We gotta burn this off quick!” and so your metabolism gets a boost that burns off the crap AND some of the other stuff too. It’s an interesting read.

I’m a reclusive cartoonist by nature so going to the busy gym and dying in front of healthy people wasn’t my thing, BUT I can see how well my wife likes it now and I think if I lose a little more weight and at least get myself to a non-pathetic level, I’d consider a regular gym routine of some kind. I feel like people see me and they think I must have some strength or be able to do SOMETHING that looks like a pushup, but the reality is my muscles are just there existing to get me through the day. Mainly because I am a reclusive cartoonist by nature.

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