This ought to bring smiles to a bunch of fans…

The rumors are true… Hero By Night is back. I’ve written a detailed account over HERE. But the basics are that I’ve moved it to Keenspot.

In a nutshell, I’m handling all the comic side of making comics and publishing them how I want (mostly digitally) and the new Platinum Studios team is handling all the Hollywood licensing  stuff. (although I still think if they put me in a room with big wigs I could sell the film / tv show myself 🙂 I mean, who better to pitch this? )  This deal would have probably happened ages ago if I had been less hot headed and wiser, but the stars have aligned and cooler brains prevail! Jason Embury, my longtime collaborator and friend, really sums up my feelings in his post today…

It’s funny how fast time passes us all by. It’s been 12 years since I first started working with DJ Coffman in 1999. In that time we have watched each other work on countless different properties for a plethora of comic book companies and creators. We’ve both had success in many different areas of our creative lives, but more importantly I think, we’ve both failed almost as much as we have succeeded (if not more) We have worked on projects that were terrible, we’ve worked on projects together that haven’t lasted for one reason or another. We have also become very close friends. I think this friendship, above all else, was one of the keys to how successful Hero By Night has been in the past.

Since Hero By Night went on hiatus 3 1/2 years ago, DJ and I have watched our kids grow older and start to become young adults, we’ve had fantastic new opportunities arise for ourselves and our LOVELY wives, we’ve both struggled with deadlines, we’ve continued to add to our artistic arsenals on a daily basis, and we’ve found ways to finally bring BALANCE to our family and creative lives. In that same time frame, neither one of us has worked on Hero By Night in any real capacity. We have talked a LOT about it and for a while searched for ways to bring it back. But it wasn’t until we actually started focusing on all of the GOOD things that we gained from working on this project together that anything changed. We were on the phone just a week or two ago, and I told him that I think I can remember the exact moment that we decided to change our perspective on everything. It was a pretty long phone call we had WAY back in January of 2010. Almost 2 full years ago. And since that time, the wheels of change have been working tirelessly in ways that we probably still don’t fully understand.

Which brings us to where we are now. 2 days before Christmas in 2011. With so much for both us to be thankful for in our lives, we are both truly blessed. With that being the case, it is nearly impossible for me to put into words how TRULY happy and excited that we are to finally be in a position to tell new stories, to create new art, to add to the legend of Hero By Night. We all have so many journeys left in our lives that await us as we get older. We would love for YOU to join us on this next leg of our journey, and see just what lies ahead.

Jason Embury – Co-Plotter/Colorist of Hero By Night – December 23, 2011

I couldn’t say it much better than that. So… happy holidays everyone. Go reacquaint yourself with a Hero worth believing in.


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