Hey, let’s blog about some stuff! Thought it might be cool to share some new things I’ve discovered that are making life more awesome.

White Rabbit and The Hive

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 2.29.12 PMOn a Saturday afternoon a couple weeks ago Ally and I took a walk up to the White Rabbit Cafe in Greensburg. Not only do they offer probably the finest tea and coffees in the area, (homeboy makes a mean mocha) but they also have some neat loner books & games on the shelves. Ally happened across a little game called “Hive” which is kind of a cross between Ally and the Hivedominoes and chess. She busted out the rules and promptly kicked my ass at it several times. The object of the game is to surround the opponents bee tile, and all the bugs have different movement (like chess) and some have special abilities. If you like thinking games, it gets addictive pretty fast. I ended up ordering our own set for the apartment and travel. It’s a fun time killer.

Music: The Orwells

These days I usually discover music either on Alt Nation on Sirius Satellite radio or on Spotify. I caught a bit of this song “Who needs you” and immediately copied it to my spotify to check out the rest of the bands stuff. Also on Spotify you can see band bios pretty easily. Turns out these guys just graduated high school in 2013, but they have good taste in music. It’s not often you find a new young band covering The Stooges or even knowing who they are. Check out the fun version of “I wanna be your dog”

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