Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 5.13.09 PMAlly and I are are super stoked to be officially attending San Diego Comicon and will be signing our new book, The God Child #1. Look for us Friday-Sunday at the Keenspot booth. (It’s between Marvel and Image) We also have a few other announcements to make closer to the show, very awesome things.

If you haven’t been reading The God Child, now is as good a time as any! We update every Monday at We’re 17 pages in with tons more to come. I’m still not a fan of weekly updating but we have really busy lives these days with day jobs, kids, etc. I am grateful for the slow growth. It seems the numbers have been rising slowly but surely. I’ve never done a weekly updating comic before, I appreciate the patience from the fans. It makes me think, maybe I could bring back something else that’s been gone for too long. We’ll see.


What else is new? Flammable Solid has produced the “I AM COMICS” line of t-shirts which are for folks who read, make and generally love comics. Snag one or two today here.


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